Non-Touch Presentations


Factory Video

An looping video presentation for non-touch screens. Includes audio out.



Touch Screen Presentations

Bluefin Pres Screen.jpg

Bluefin Master Demo

An interactive presentation featuring information on Bluefin's BSBI product line, as well as six landscape demo presentations and three portrait presentations.



Aquarium Demo

An interactive presentation showcasing multiple image layers, a video layer, touch interaction and live text. Switch between three videos with matching information boards at the touch of a finger.



Multi Screen Presentations

Multi Screen Gallery

An interactive presentation for up to four screens. Touch a region of the controller screen to change the content displayed on one to three receiving screens. Requires 2-4 screens, a data switch, and RJ45 ethernet cables.



Troubleshooting Presentation


Quality Assurance Presentations

These presentations run through a series of exercises to determine if a hardware fault is present in the HS123 chipset or the capacitive touch screen. These presentations test video and image decoding, audio out, touch point integrity, and display system variables such as your player’s IP address across a wired or wireless network, firmware version, and player serial number.

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