Full line of Frameless LCD displays with resolutions up to 4K and Ad Player functionality

Screen Size 5" - 42"
Screen Resolution up to 3860 x 2140 @ 120Hz
Back Light LED
Ratio 16:9
Display Color Up to 1.07G
Max Resolution Video Up to Ultra 4K
Power Supply AC110-220V, 50/60Hz
Mount VESA

Our open frame LCD Monitors feature industrial designs with metal housings, rear universal VESA mounts,  and front frame mounts.  Compatible with any HDMI/VGA media player of your choice including Brightsign, PC's, and Raspberry Pi.

An added bonus is the "simple" entry level ad player compatibility. Our LCD monitors feature a built in media player using a MicroSD card for content.  Simple functions include looping video and up to 8 triggers to for additional videos.   Supports up to 7 external push button, motion sensor trigger,  2 external speakers and USB port for easy auto update of SD card content.

Size SKU Resolution Brightness Contrast Inputs Details
11.6" 20-3002-1003v2.0 1920x1080 300 800:1 HDMI/VGA  
13.3" 20-3002-1005v2.1 1920x1080 350 800:1 HDMI/VGA More Info
15.6" 20-3002-1007v2.0 1920x1080 300 700:1 HDMI/VGA More Info
19.5" 20-3002-1009v2.0 1600x900 250 1000:1 HDMI/VGA More Info
21.5" 20-3002-1011v2.0 1920x1080 250 1000:1 HDMI/VGA  
23.6" 20-3002-1013v2.0 1920x1080 300 1000:1 HDMI/VGA  
27.0" 20-3002-1015v2.0 1920x1080 300 1200:1 DVI/VGA  
32.0" 20-3002-1017v2.0 1920x1080 300 1200:1 DVI/VGA  
31.5" 20-3002-1019v2.0 1920x1080 400 1100:1 HDMI/VGA  
43.0" 20-3002-1021v2.0 1920x1080 300 1000:1 HDMI/VGA  
55.0" 20-3002-1023v2.0 1920x1080 450 1100:1 HDMI/VGA  
37.0" 20-3002-1025 1920x540 450 1100:1 HDMI/VGA