Full line of Open Frame LCD displays with resolutions up to 4K combined with a capacitive touchscreen. Compatible with the media player or PC of your choice.

Screen Size 5" - 15.6"
Screen Resolution up to 3860 x 2140 @ 120Hz
Back Light LED
Ratio 16:9
Display Color Up to 1.07G
Max Resolution Video Up to Ultra 4K
Power Supply AC110-220V, 50/60Hz
Inputs HDMI/VGA/DVI (varies by models)
Touchscreen Capacitive

Our open frame LCD Monitors feature industrial designs with metal housings, universal VESA mounts and from frame mounts, and HDMI and VGA inputs.  The capacitive touchscreen uses a USB cable to connect to any supplied media player.

An added bonus is the "simple" entry level ad player compatibility. Our LCD monitors feature a built in media player using a TF card for content.  Supports up to 7 external push buttons, motion sensor, 2 external speakers and USB port.  The touchscreen does not function with the built in simple media player.

Size SKU Resolution Brightness Contrast Inputs
10.1" 20-3002-1002v2.0 1280x800 350 800:1 HDMI/VGA
11.6" 20-3002-1004v2.0 1920x1080 300 800:1 HDMI/VGA
13.3" 20-3002-1006v2.2 1920x1080 350 800:1 HDMI/VGA
15.6" 20-3002-1008v2.0 1920x1080 300 700:1 HDMI/VGA
17.5" 20-3002-1032v2.0 1920x1080 250 1000:1 DVI/VGA
19.5" 20-3002-1010v2.0 1600x900 250 1000:1 DVI/VGA
21.5" 20-3002-1012v2.0 1920x1080 250 1000:1 HDMI/VGA
23.6" 20-3002-1014v2.0 1920x1080 300 1000:1 HDMI/VGA
27.0" 20-3002-1016v2.0 1920x1080 300 1200:1 DVI/VGA
31.5" 20-3002-1020 1920x1080 400 1100:1 HDMI/VGA
43.0" 20-3002-1022v2.0 1920x1080 300 1000:1 HDMI/VGA
55.0" 20-3002-1024v2.0 1920x1080 450 1100:1 HDMI/VGA