BrightSign Built-In Room Booking
with SignageLive

The all-in-one solution for conference rooms, studios and more.

The first BrightSign Built-In room booking solution bundled with Signagelive. This bundle includes a 10.1” BrightSign Built-In PoE+ touch screen with perimeter status lights and a one year license to Signagelive’s powerful software for room scheduling and digital communication.

Companies that are looking for a robust digital room scheduling solution that increases the efficient use of meeting rooms and improves in-house communication will find this product is unsurpassed in functionality, ease of use, reliability, and price.


The Screen

Bluefin 10.1'' BSBI Room Scheduler


This 10.1’’ screen features a fully finished, all metal housing, capacitive touch screen, and Power over Ethernet (POE+). Four light strips span the perimeter and automatically sync with Signagelive’s status to display in green or red, depending on room availability.

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The Software

Signagelive Interactive Room Booking Widget


Sync with a Google or Gsuite Calender to display room availability across individual screens, or an entire fleet. Schedule meetings from your laptop, phone, or the screen itself. Need to snag a room on the fly? Book immediately from the screen while its available, and extend or let out early with the push of a button, all from Signagelive’s Interactive Room Booking Widget.

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