Black Screen

  • Ensure the screen is plugged in to a live outlet
  • Look for the green power light on the side of the unit
  • If the green light is on, press the On/Off button on the side of the unit and wait a few moments to see if the screen turns on.

Videos wont display, but images will in BrightAuthor presentation

  • Open your presentation in BrightAuthor.
  • While in the Edit tab, select File > Presentation Properties from the top menu.
  • In the Main tab of Presentation Properties, check that the screen resolution is set to the correct size (1920x1080, 1280x800, etc), followed by x60p. Video will not display if set to x60i.
  • Ensure that the format of your video meets BrightSign's HD3 recommendations, with a maximum resolution of 1920x1080.

Video wall is not displaying properly in BrightWall

  • Bluefin recommends splitting the separate areas of your video wall into multiple videos per each screen rather than attempting to stretch one video in BrightWall. Bluefin Screens do not support 4K resolutions, and therefore stretched videos are in danger of displaying at a lower quality than intended. Splitting a larger video into small sections will ensure the quality of your picture.
  • Ensure that the resolution of your BrightWall presentation matches the combined resolution of your video wall.

Touch points are not working or are misplaced

  • In the majority of cases, this constitutes a hardware malfunction. Contact for RMA information.

Player displays “Insert storage” when Micro SD card is inserted

  • Republish your content to your Mirco SD card and reboot the screen.
  • Insert a different Micro SD card containing content and reboot the screen.

Player displays "Awaiting Network" when Micro SD card is inserted

  • Ensure there is content on the inserted Micro SD Card.
  • If you have set up the player for local area network publishing, ensure it is connected to your network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi

Player reboots when activating the "Switch to Presentation" command

  • Update your player to the latest HS123 firmware from BrightAuthor

Ultrawide display is stretching video incorrectly

  • Ensure your BrightAuthor presentation settings are set to 1920x540x60p
  • In BrightAuthor, in the advanced tab of the New Presentation window, or from the main tab of Presentation Properties, select "Force Resolution."
  • Ensure that your video and/or image resolution is 1920x540