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Harness the Power of BrightSign with Bluefin

High Definition LCD displays integrated with BrightSign HD series chips. No external media player required. An all-in-one solution for any digitial signage situation.


Industrial Quality

Housings designed to maximize ease-of-use and installation, and built tougher than your average TV. The all-metal, simple construction mounts quickly and conveniently.


Touch Interactivity

Unlock a more engaging interactive experience with touch functionality. Capacitive touch screen models available in all sizes, and infrared touch screens available from 43 inches up.


Power over Ethernet

Save time and space with power over ethernet, a low voltage solution that makes installation simple and opens up the versatility of your signage composition. POE+ from 10.1'' to 15.6'' and POE++ from 19.5'' to 32.0''


Wireless Connectivity

Optional Wi-Fi / Bluetooth connectivity made simple. Operate and update screens from the BrightSign Network, build fast template-based Signage with BrightPlates, and control content with the push of a button on the BrightSign App for iOS.


Beyond the Screen

Connect with buttons, external speakers, lighting, and more with the full range of BrightSign I/O ports. 2 USB ports, digital audio, GPIO, serial, and 12V power out for accessories add a new layer of depth to your signage.

  • Supports Full HD (1080p60) video
  • Optional Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Hardware accelerated HTML5 rendering engine
  • Highly reliable media handling platform
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • S/PDIF digital audio
  • Engaging interactive controls via GPIO and UDP
  • 2x USB 2.0
  • 12V accessory power out for LED strips
  • Accessible port for chipset updates
  • Serial and IR control for expanded interactive options
  • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth module (optional)
  • Free BrightAuthor software for easy content management
  • Compatible with all BrightSign software and services



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Full HD


Digital Sound




Supports 1920x1080 Full HD video at 60 frames per second for a crisp viewing experience in H.265, H.264, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and WMV with highly reliable and flawless playback.

Supports H.265 decoding for lower file sizes and higher quality videos. Only H.265 supports 10-bit color and high dynamic range of color.

Crystal clear digital sound via SPDIF. Play back high quality digital audio synced with video playback, and create audio playlists for your presentations with BrightAuthor.

Playback multiple content types and multiple videos on a single screen using zones – even play video and audio playlists simultaneously. Make playlists for each zone including Full HD video, images, HTML5, audio, RSS feeds, date/time widgets, and more.

Interact with push buttons, motion sensors and touch screens for a more engaging experience, and link to serial ports to create events that go beyond the screen.


Remote Snapshot



Mosaic Mode

IP Streaming


Monitor your remote displays by viewing snapshot images of running presentations using local networking, the BrightSign App or the BrightSign Network.

BrightSign LS3, HD3, XD3 and XT3 players include a hardware-accelerated HTML5 rendering engine that delivers flawless playback of full screen HTML and modular HTML5 assets layered together with high-bandwidth video.

Get a sneak peek of how your signage will display by viewing presentation playback in BrightAuthor before publishing to your device to ensure quality before publishing to your devices.

Turn on Mosaic mode to enable more simultaneous video zones in BrightAuthor. Arrange number of lower resolution videos that add up to the resolution of your screen.

Supports buffered playback of Full HD videos, MJPEG and audio streams in all common formats: HLS, UDP/RTP/RTSP, HTTP, SHOUTcast, etc. Customize buffering and latency to improve media streaming performance, and play streaming media in HTML5 assets, BrightAuthor video, audio, or MJPEG stream states.


Live Feeds






Keep your presentations up to date without ever needing to republish. Instantly display updated content and live feeds using Live Data, Live Media, MRSS, Twitter, Flickr feeds and more.

BrightBeacon improves the overall digital signage experience by increasing audience engagement and creating a highly targeted, personal experience on two screens. Using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon technologies, 2-way communication between BrightSign digital signage and mobile devices is achieved and allows for the delivery of highly targeted promotions based on location as well the ability to control digital signage playback from a mobile device. The BrightSign player requires the Wireless/Bluetooth module in order to implement BrightBeacon features and capabilities into BrightSign presentations.

A powerful set-up and provisioning feature that allows customers to setup and deploy a multitude of players all at once, eliminating the need to duplicate an SD card for every player on a network.

An online template-based sign creation service for turnkey deployment of signage presentations and delivery of updates to networked BrightSign units. Select from our template collection or connect with content partners to craft your own look.

Easily create frame-accurate synchronized video walls using the BrightWall powerful drag-and-drop BrightAuthor tool or the Synchronization feature.


BrightSign App

IP Streaming Server

BrightSign Network Tagging




Easily update messaging and interact with locally networked signage using your iPad or iPhone. Change user variables and trigger UDP events for instant signage updates.

Serve video streams from BrightSign HD, XD and XT players to devices on the same local area network.

A BrightSign Network feature that brings a new level of customization to digital signage using media tags and player tags.

Play content targeted to the current location of your moving digital signage using a USB GPS dongle.

Basic, free networking to update content remotely, as well as the option to utilize the secure, scalable cloud-based BrightSign Network service to update, serve, monitor and manage your network of digital signs.